The arts sector in the UK is bleeding out. 

The Covid-19 pandemic means that performances cannot take place in a way that is remotely sustainable.

Many companies are doing their best to innovate to accommodate the new restrictions, not knowing how long they will last. However, the inescapable problem is that all live professional performance is even more wildly loss-making than in normal times. The innovation that is possible — outdoor performances, broadcasts and so on — is hugely welcome, but is not a big enough solution for so huge a problem.
We at VOPERA are at the forefront of the innovation that is possible in extremis, but there is nothing that we, nor our colleagues in larger organisations, can do that would be enough to solve this crisis.

When Churchill was asked to cut the arts budget in order to fund the war effort, he reportedly replied — “then what would we be fighting for?”

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Please join us. This is urgent.






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